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I called a local urgent care clinic and told them that I had chest congestion and cough for 3 days; they quoted me a price of $120. I went to Patient's Choice Medical Center and they only charged me $60.

- L.H. Las Vegas, NV

I have no health insurance and desperately needed a physical with some lab work. Patient's Choice Medical Center only charged me $130 for everything.

-V.E. Las Vegas, NV

I lost my job and my health insurance due to the economy and my doctor’s visit to Patient's Choice Medical Center was cheaper than my insurance co-pay when I had insurance .

-J.L. Henderson, NV

Patient's Choice Medical Center treated me like a person and not a “number They really do put patients first .

-J.E. Las Vegas, NV

I called other local weight loss clinics in Las Vegas and they quoted me prices of $300 per month, I called Patient's Medical Center and they quoted me $75 per month.

-B.B. N. Las Vegas, NV

I had to wait 6.5 hours at a local urgent care clinic, I only had to wait 10 minutes to see a doctor at Patient's Choice Medical Center.

-A.C. Las Vegas, NV

I have no health insurance and needed routine lab work, I was quoted $480 just for the lab work, I called Patient's Choice Medical Center and they quoted me $130 for the same lab work .

-G.K. Las Vegas, NV

I had what I thought was a Urinary Tract Infection and I walked out of Patient's Choice Medical Center with a Prescription and it only cost me $60 .

-T.C. Las Vegas, NV

Patients really do come first at Patient's Choice Medical Center .

-J.E. Las Vegas, NV